India is one of most ancient countries in the world.  Indian people are known for the culture and the way the people from the lived explained. India has grown to the modern era, but the every Indian hearts beats the rhythm of the culture which only an Indian inherits. Indian Architecture, Cuisine, Art, Religion, Historical monuments and more which can only be seen in the lands of India.

We have compiled a list of states where every step you made from the entrance to exit, have been walked and left the footprints of the greats. From the Red Fort where Badshah Akbar walked, you will be walking in the same footsteps. The glory of India cannot be placed in any order, so we are only listing the states which are important to you.




Kerala is where the word relief begins. Kerela is known for peace and harmony which were left the Ancient gurus and the kings who have paved their way to the modern era. The State has many places you can visit from beaches to the temples. You can even find many ancient temples from 1000 years ago. The state has boasted breathtaking hill stations,  historical places,  12 beautiful wildlife sanctuaries and more places you can visit.


The land of Kings is where everything started for King Akbar, where the Queen of the India-born and raised. The State has seen many fortunes, victories, sad stories, twist and turns from the past three thousands of years, is also called an ancient place. Despite the fact that the time has passed you can still see the ruins of the fort, King’s belongings and more. The culture has not vanished away from it now or later. There are many destinations you can see like  Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur. The state will not leave you but amaze.


Goa is known for one and only thing, and that is Beach. Goa has one of the beautiful beaches in the world. Goa is the destination which no one should miss and must try the place. If you have ever been to the beach, then imagine it 100 times better, and that will be Goa for you. However, there is another side of Goa which not many people talk about, and that is Temples, Portuguese churches, Wild Jungles, Rare Animals, Food and Sanctuaries.


Punjab does not have any beaches or the best technology sightseeing, but it is one of the most beautiful state and people. The famous Temple Punjabi or Sikh Temple in the world.  The Golden temple is where all Sikh bows their heads. The culture of the Punjabi’s is one of the important in India and Punjabi’s are the most friendly environment you can ever be.


The land of Gods is what people address Himachal Pradesh. The Himalayan natural places is the holiest places in the country. There are many travel destinations like Manali, Kullu, and Hill stations. Travelers can engage into many outdoor games, rock climbing, mountain bike, skiing and more.


The symbol of true Taj Mahal is in Agra and it is located in Uttar Pradesh. UP has seen the state change from the Kings to the Wars and the freedom of the world. The rivers which flows in the heart of UP are Varanasi, Ganges and UP is the India’s oldest city. UP may seem a little weird as of now but the place is home for historical, arts, monumental, religion and architectural Indian destinations. Indians all over the country travel to the Ayodhya where the GOD Ram has born and raised.


Gujrat is where the legend Mahatma Gandhi has born and raised. The Gujarat are known for Cuisine, Culture, and Arts is what Gujrat is based on, and the state has traditional handicrafts art which makes the states even more unique.


Want to see what Heaven looks and feels like? There is no better place than Jammu & Kashmir which is known for the earth. The state is always covered with the snow, unlike any other country. The blue skies which are not cvommon in ay country make you feel like you are in a total different world. Most attracting Mountains. The Jammu & Kashmir is also known for the house of a Indian Hindu GOD Shiva, who resides in those mountains in the past. Now you can imagine what kind of place is this J&K.


The City of Palaces is known as the West Bengal or more like the capital of the Indian Kolkata. Kolkata is very popular even outside of the country for the royalty and city of joy. The reputation on the Kolkata came from the palaces, and they play a crucuial role in that area. The culture of the Kolkata is something which is unique and the art is what amaze you. What you can see in the Kolkata is Art, Dances, Cuisine, Theatre, and the hit of West Bengal history.

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