3 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations


You’ve spend days and weeks planning the perfect wedding with your loved one. Every detail of the ceremony was styled perfectly. You were stressed most of the time and you probably even wished to give up at some moment. The ‘’Big Day’’ has come and go. Well, congratulations. Now it’s time for the best part. Spending time with the person you love at place where you always wanted to go.

In this article, we are going to cover 3 most romantic honeymoon destinations. We are going to present it on the best way and leave you, as a happy couple, to make a final decision.

Let’s see 3 most romantic destinations:

Paris, France


The city of light. Paris is the most romantic city in the world. It tops every other town in Europe because of its uniqueness. It really makes honeymooners more loved than ever. The beauty of Paris is really seductive in its core and it has always been one of the top places for couples.

A day spent in Paris is probably what every couple wants. There is lot of places in Paris you need to visit. We choose two of the best for you:

Food shopping at Paris Market- The best way to spend an early morning. If you decide to go shopping with Parisians, you will probably feel like one. We felt like we spent our whole lives in Paris just after one visit and this is the best way to relax if you never been to Paris before. What you need to try is some of the Parisians specialties that come from different parts of France. From wines, breads to fruits, vegetables and olive oils. Also, if you decide to feel like real Parisian and visit a market, than we also need to recommend renting an apartment instead of staying in a hotel. Visiting the Eiffel Tower- This is a ‘’must visit’’ location for every couple in Paris. The trip to Paris doesn’t count if you don’t visit an Eiffel Tower especially at sunset. Eiffel Tower is most visited monument in the world and we recommend visiting it during the light show. You will be able to see over 20.000 lights shining. Best view ever!

The Maldives

Unlike Paris, this is probably the most relaxed place of all top honeymoon destinations. Maldives are definitely the most romantic archipelago with awesome islands placed around warmed turquoise waters, along with amazing pearly white beaches.

Few decades ago, small Maldives islands were turned into luxury resorts for couples who want a romantic getaway. It’s really hard to find a place on Maldives that isn’t special and our recommendation goes to Komandoo Islands Resort. This is the best place for romantic couples who would like to avoid crowd and splashing kids. What really amazed us is the nature of the people on Maldives. After arriving, we were greeted with a traditional Maldives song. Everyone is in the good mood sharing positive energy.

Venice, Italy

Another European country on our list. This is definitely one of the most interesting old-age culture places in Europe. Italy is rich in ancient buildings, nice people and great food and this is something that really attracts people. We’ve been in Italy couple of times and the reasons why we keep coming back is really simple. We’ve made a connection with this place. Rome was so exciting and we barely managed to see half of the popular places in a week or so of our first visiting.

Couples will probably find themselves walking down the streets of Rome, tossing some coins in Trevi Fountain or being serenated in Venice. Taking pauses for coffee or steaming some hot espresso is also going to be fun. We really recommend this place to art lovers because visiting Rome’s museums, ancient Colosseum or some of the most amazing sculptures will leave deep impression on you. We were really inspired by ancient Rome world preserved by volcanic eruption at Pompeii.

If you decide to find a peace, the sunny shores of Amalfi coast are going to be a great choice.

Choosing the best destination is important, but even more important is the person you are spending your time with. So, choose your destination, relax and enjoy with your loved one.

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