Spending a honeymoon in the Caribbean is a very good idea, or at least that’s what everybody else says so. There might be a hundred different things about the Caribbean that a hundred different people might like, and the romance that could very easily emanate from a honeymoon vacation in the place is one of the main reasons why people would love a trip down the very romantic Caribbean islands.

What could you really do should you plan a honeymoon in the Caribbean? Why is it worth the money, the time and the travel and what makes people want to come back for more? The Caribbean is actually made up of the Caribbean Sea, the Caribbean islands, and the coasts that surround it. It has a rich variety of languages and ethnic groups, and most people find it fascinating how they could hold all of these in a relatively small patch of lands and islands.


If you love white sand beaches, then you would enjoy spending your honeymoon in Turks and Caicos. If you love having fun while spending quiet, quality time with your husband or wife, you would love Turks and Caicos even more. But if you love energetic activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, golfing, deep sea fishing or horseback riding, you would never go wrong with the islands of Turks and Caicos.


Spending your honeymoon in Jamaica could make for a very interesting honeymoon filled with animals, sights to see, as well as places to explore. There are some very nice places to stay, wherever you’re staying. Spending your honeymoon in Montego Bay could be heaven for those who love night clubs, bars and golfing. Ocho Rios is for the couple who enjoy morning activities and sight-seeing. Different places hold different points of interest.


St. Lucia is a small island country, much like everything else that you could see in the Caribbean islands. It has a rich culture of festivals, music and dances. While there could be many family resorts around the island, there are those which specifically accept only couples and adults. Spending time with your newly-wed partner in St. Lucia could be fun and exhilarating, as you could do enjoy the forests, the mountains, the beaches, volcanoes and even green fields.


The first thing that vacationers notice about Anguilla is the tranquility of the place. However, it also holds imminent fun and quality time. Clubs, resorts, spas and hotels are very popular around the island, most of them with ready access and views to white-sand beaches. Honeymoon tours and trips could be described with one word: fantastic!


More properly known as St. Barthelemy, St. Barts is a very nice place to stay if you are planning to have a honeymoon in the Caribbean. Beaches have nice views and some of them could be accessed for free. If you want a more private vacation experience, spend your honeymoon in hotels and house rentals around the island.

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