Not every place in the world is well structured in latest technology and infrastructure that can not match every country. This space is filled inDubai, where you can see and feel the new era of infrastructure, and also you will feel like the homeland of luxury. The country moves quickly as you can see how the country progress faster than any other country.

Dubai usually has fantastic Hotels, Car events, Beaches, Luxury Hotels, Luxury Weddings and more, when we think of Dubai, it is huge in the industry. Dubai has many attractions to look at but there are few which are not popular and not many people know about it. So here are the five best trips you cna have in Dubai.



Do you like mountains? I’m not talking about the regular and boring mountains then you will be thrilled to know that Al Hajar Mountains and Jabal Al Jias is the mountain which you have to take a short trip. The mountain is the tallest and also the near to the border of UAE-Oman.


UAE is one of the crowded places, and the nightlife is excellent but at the same time crowded. If you want to be at peace, then you should drive a couple of hours to reach the border of Oman-UAE where there is a river is located, which will not only help you be at peace and also give you the great attraction of RIVER side. No need to be worried, you are allowed to be at that place.


Parks are everywhere in the world with beautiful spots and games which cannot be compared to any other and has a unique taste to it. But when we think about the Dubai, they always have the best for you. Dubai has Wadi Adventure which is one of the best water parks in the world. Wadi waterpark had rides and games which are unique.


Everybody loves water games or sports and Dubai has one of the best things to offer, especially for those who are on the trip. UAE also has one of the iconic locations for surfing. Fujairah’s beach is where you should be and taking the glimpse of it ideal.


You should never leave one of the locations which are YAS ISLAND, that is the place which is for everyone or it has something for everyone. If your location is downtown in the Dubai then the drive would be least an hour or so. The island is known for enjoyment and relaxation. you can stay there as one day is not enough for you to cover The park and the F1 racing court and more.


Dubai is known for opportunities and infrastructure. Dubai has many amazing places which are quite incredible and has amazing views in the world. You should definitely try the personal zoo park of Rasheed’s, who is the son of billionaire Ahmed. Have you been to Dubai before? then let us know what’s it was like when you were on the trip.

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