5 not so well-known European cities you must see in 2014! – Part 1

You want to realize your good travel intentions for the New Year? Then a break is a good start. Europe has some great pearls that have not been discovered by the general public, and who ask to be explored! We have 5 chosen for you.

Gdansk, Poland


Gdansk (Poland) is an amazing city full of contrasts. The center is not very big but perfect to roam. Here you will find beautiful old buildings in bright colors that remind a bit of Amsterdam, modern malls and markets. Follow Gdansk not the path of the tourists, the hippest bars and restaurants are often just in dilapidated buildings. A major advantage of the city is the price level, even with a small budget you can hear include lots of fun!

Riga, Latvia

Riga is the vibrant capital of Latvia and is currently the best place to be in Europe. The city makes a metamorphosis, the trendy bars, restaurants, vintage shops and clubs are springing out of the ground. In addition, several forgotten neighborhoods by creatives transformed into trendy neighborhoods. The old town is compact and easy to explore on foot. Riga has become more expensive in recent years, but still can still be advantageous to you. In the center are plenty of hostels where you can stay cheap.

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux has perhaps not yet the image of hip city, but that’s about it! First is the city among beautiful vineyards on the Atlantic coast of France. In addition, the fantastic Old Town refurbished since the millennium and it now belongs entirely to the UNESCO World Heritage List. It’s great to go through the small streets and wander around the impressive squares and marvel in all the beauty there is to see. Bordeaux is a student town, which keeps the atmosphere relaxed and you will find nice restaurants, cafés and bars everywhere. If you are a wine lover you’ve come to the right place. You must try the wine store L’intendant. This store offers a whopping 15,000 wines from the region that are displayed along a spiral staircase over 4 floors.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Belfast has for years been the center of conflict between Catholics and Protestants. Fortunately, they are a lot quieter now and Belfast has transformed into a trendy city with a vibrant music scene, many shopping centers and a lively nightlife. Be sure to bring a visit to the impressive City Hall with its blue dome, Stormont Castle and the Albert Memorial Clock Tower.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. The town was ravaged by civil war, but the peace returned after the last attack in 1999 and tourists are more than welcome! The population is welcoming and Western-oriented. The rich history of the old Ottoman town, many beautiful buildings you may find in the center. The main attractions are the Kalemegdan Fortress and St. Savakerk. Besides Belgrade, the swinging pearl of the Balkans. The nightlife is vibrant, you have trendy eateries, bars, clubs and theaters.

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