5 Not So Well-Known European Cities You Must See In 2014! – Part 2


In the Part 1 we have listed first 5 European Cities you must visit in 2014. If you have already ticked those from your to-visit list, then we are here again with another 5. Read on to find out which those cities are and what will make you fall in love with them.

Cadiz, Spain


Cadiz is in the sunny southwest of Spain on the Atlantic Ocean. The port city is surrounded entirely by water and is the oldest inhabited city in Western Europe. The city has many similarities with Havana, capital of Cuba. In the city you can also find some beautiful buildings, a huge cathedral and ancient fortifications. A visit to the city is very well combined with a tour of Andalusia or a holiday in the sun, there are a number of beautiful beaches near Cadiz.

Kotor, Montenegro

The idyllic Kotor (Montenegro) is one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The town was built between the 12th and 14th centuries and is entirety on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The buildings are built by crisscrossing each other and separated by narrow streets, squares and alleys. Through 1260 rungs, you can climb up to Fort Giovanni, where you can have a spectacular view of the bay and Kotor.

Genoa, Italy

The real authentic Italy can be found in Genoa. This rough port city located on the Italian Riviera and has a ‘centro storico’ which consists of a maze of alleys and small “piazzas”. Genoa is famous for its pesto and as the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Shopping and entertainment is found around Piazza Ferrari or the old harbor. The historic center of town is between the shopping street Via San Lorenzo, the port and the city walls. Via Garibaldi you will find many impressive city palaces, some of which are also available inside. Cutest place for an outdoor cafe is Piazza delle Erbe (photo).

Lille, France

Only 200 kilometers from Rotterdam, the hip metropolis Lille (Lille in Flemish). The old town has many beautiful buildings and facades and almost everything (unlike Paris) within walking distance. Food and entertainment is be good in Lille, no lack of nice restaurants and bars. Lille is also a mecca for shopaholics! You will find many shops, luxury stores and trendy boutiques. Do you like art, then visit the Palais des Beaux-Arts. This palace is at the Louvre after the most important museum in France.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is not really an unfamiliar city, but will not immediately come to mind when planning a city trip. And that is unjustified, because the beautiful Hanseatic city is only 4 hours drive from the Netherlands and has much to offer. The most imposing landmark is the Town Hall. This impressive building has more rooms than Buckingham Palace! The St Michael’s Church, the old sailors near St Pauli and many museums worth a visit. Do you go out, go to the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli. This is a street full of bars and trendy clubs. Even shopping is excellent in the Neuer Wall or in the many shopping malls.

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