A  Visionary Travel Holiday To India

Quite often when individuals go to another country on vacation they become sort of centered in one area. They will get to see the sights and attractions within a very small area of their location. What would make a most intriguing vacation would be one where more of the country of destination was seen. An ideal place to plan this type of traveling holiday would be India.


Let’s start with some intriguing destinations…Start with Port Bair.

This is the capital of the Union territory found with the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Here you are going to find a conglomerate of 572 Islands. Many of them are uninhabited in fact only about 38 of them are inhabited. It is a place of history for India as there are indications of civilization going back 2000 years on the Islands. For a taste of mythology you may find it interesting to note that the name Andaman is named after Hanuman a believed to be ancient God. For those who truly love nature then they are sure to enjoy this setting of magnificent forests. The prime time for a wonderful visit here would be October to May.

A main attraction would be the Barren Island Volcano. Of course it has been confirmed to be active in fact the only one to be deemed as such in South Asia. One never know when the next eruption will take place being as the last was in 2006 and the first in 1787. Needless to say it has quite a history.

Let’s travel on…Pondicherry is another part of India that is well worth putting on the travel itinerary. It is often referred to as the New Village but is sometimes fondly called the French Riviera of the East. This is a place that is known to have been in existence since the second century. Like so many places in India it has a long history.

The districts of Pondicherry are made up of Yanam, Karaikal and Mahe. If one is looking for a place of beauty then here is the right place. Just ten miles North one will find the “Peace” area. Known for its twelve gardens and the Banyan tree for example. The “City of Dawn” which is Auroville is another intriguing areas. A must see attraction is the Mansion of Ananda. If one truly wants to see Indo French architecture at its best then this mansion constructed by Rangapillai in 1773 should be on our agenda.

One last stop…Being small does not make something less significant and although Manipur is one of the smaller Indian States it truly is one of beauty. Sitting in the midst of the sub Himalayan Mountains nestled in a valley truly makes for a magnificent sight. One thing that must be realized though is that this is a sensitive state. Meaning you may only visit here via organized tours that have permission to do. A place of interest would be Govindejee Temple. This is found in the royal palace complex which at one time belonged to Maharajas of Manipur in Imphal.

As you can see our visionary trip to India has only been comprised of three destinations out of many that awaits those with a desire to see all that India has to offer.

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