About Us

Travel Clap is not based on a regular class traveling blog. The blogs are made for those who love traveling. Travelling destinations are plenty but if you do not have proper knowledge on which traveling agent to choose then you sometimes end up paying more than you told to and how you can save money by making right choices. We share useful traveling tips and also share few hacks you can try when choosing a traveling destination.

Why Did We Name Our Blog – Travel Clap?

Back when we started out the Travel Clap blog, Travel Clap is based on travelers who come from miles away from their home and they should feel safe and more with the service, accommodation and freedom to feel should make them clap or hats off the service.

You might have heard it from your friends, relatives, and other sources that lack of knowledge about the place has led them to spend more than they have expected. We want to share the knowledge which a traveler should learn and inspire them to clap our efforts to make their journey more inspiring.

What Can You Expect From TravelClap.com?

Travel Clap is a blog based on traveling and journey to a destination, we provide you information and solutions which will educate you about the place before you land the place. We share stories and tips which will assist you having a better experience than before.

We strive the travelers to take the right step before deciding the destination, we suggest you with the best Tips and information about the journey, hotels, places to visit and the actual cost of the whole traveling.

TravelClap.com – How We Can Be Help to Newbie?

We are professionals with accurate information, we share ideas, trips, saving money and focused on providing detailed information path for destinations, limited time and money saving trips.

You can search online and find thousands of results on “Travelling Blogs” but what you cannot find is that a blog with Genuine tips and information which can help you have fantastic trips and also save money or you can avoid over spending on a trip which is not needed. Sometimes other blogs recommend you to go for something which is called “Exceptional” overspend your time and money. That does not happen in our case.

Traveling thousands of miles to a different country with an unknown language you cannot speak can drag you to fear but with our Tips, nobody can stop you from traveling miles away and enjoy your time.

Travel Clap

Travelclap is inspired by people who want to leave their comfort zone and take a step ahead for the adventure. Everyone is busy with their professional life but what is important is that you can take that time off, which is needed for many professional to come back strong.

We assure you that you will learn more about the destination you select than your Travel Agent can tell you about. Take that time off and go for an adventure with TravelClap.