Amazing waterfalls to be visited around the world

Waterfalls are natural assets of the nature makes it more beautiful and wonderful to be watched. Water is the colourless and pure thing out of nature. It shows out the beauty of the things on which it falls. As the water is colourless, all the colours on which it falls become the colours of water. So, the thicker flows of water on the black rocks make a contrast between the water and rock which make it the most beautiful. And some places the water falls are with different shapes as per the rocks and the trees grown on the mountains.

Here are some beautiful waterfall creations of the nature around the world that you must see at least once in your lifetime.

Victoria Falls

victorian falls

The South African waterfalls in Zambezi are namely the Victoria Falls. The water here falls from 108 m height and the water rises as smoke and viewed up to many kilometres. The width of these waterfalls is 1708 m.

Iguazu Falls

wonderful waterfalls

Iguazu falls are located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. The height of the falls is 87 m which is not so higher but very eye catching. The fall is totally with thinner falls on a U-shaped rock of around 700 m length.

Angel Falls

angel falls

These are the well known waterfall for its 979 m height located in Venezuela. This is the world’s highest waterfall. The width of the waterfalls 807 m is lesser tan its height. As the water falls from a height of almost a kilometre, the water looks so cruel with winds blowing from the top.

Niagara Falls

niagara with two section falls

The border of US and Canada possess these wonderful waterfalls. Niagara is formed with two sections of falls, Horseshoe falls(53 m high) and American falls(21 – 30 m high) on Canadian and American sides respectively which are separate by an island.

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