Astonishing Cave Temples You Must See

India is an ancient country, and the land has seen people who have paved their way for the Indian people to be where the country is, and those people have left their remarkable architecture and outstanding artistic qualities which make the country more valuable.

Astonishing Cave Temples You Must See

We have gathered up eight Old Indian Caves which are historical and they have been there for generations and centuries.

Quick Look At The Temples

  • Varaha Cave.
  • Ajanta.
  • Ellora.
  • Udayagiri Caves
  • Amarnath Cave.
  • Undavalli Caves.
  • Elephanta.
  • Badami Cave Temple.

Have you ever been to India and seen the Ancient temples before? Then why don't take a quick look at the Ancient Temples in India.

Varaha Cave

Mamallapuram is where you can find the Varaha Cave which is historic and has its past. Pallava dynasty who were the rulers at that time and built this amazing cave in the 7th-century C.E, which is pretty old.

Ajanta – An Ancient City Temple

Ajanta is one of the popular names in India, and the cave temple has pilgrims from all over the world. Ajanta constructed in 2nd-century B.C.E & 7th-century C.E, and the cave has been built by different people from a different time.

Ellora – More Than 100 Caves

Ellora is one of the largest rock cut cave which is a temple in the world, and there are 100 caves and which are only 30 are open to the public. The cravings elaborate the details of the time and religious figures.

Udayagiri Caves

Bhopal, Madya Pradesh location has one temple called “Udayagiri Caves,” the temple is there since 4th of the 6th century C.E. It is one of the oldest ancient temples in India right now. It has over twenty caves, and one of them is dedicated to Jains.

Amarnath Cave

One of the Tourist attraction is Amarnath Cave temple because the temple altitude is 12,756 ft. The mountain is covered with the snow in Kashmir. The temple has ancient footsteps and has it’s story. Amarnath cave temple is popular and known to exist since 3rd-century B.C.E.


A temple which is known since 5th century CE is is worthy to be called an Ancient Temple in India. Take a ride and follow the Mumbai Gateway of India which is covered in Elephanta Island.   Sculptures of mythological figures from ancient times have always been very attractive and tourist spot. Over five caves are dedicated to the Hindus, and two were dedicated to the Buddhist.

Undavalli Caves – Fierce Story That It Was The Buddhist Temple

AP and Nadal and has oldest temples in the world. One of them is Undavalli Caves which existed in the 4th – 5th-century C.E. Currently it is located in Undavalli, AP. There is saying about the Temple is that the place was Buddhist but later turned into Hindu temple.

Badami 6th Century Cave Temple

On the hill cliff, you can find this amazing cave temple. This temple is one of the oldest temples to exist in India. The temple is covered with lake, and it has an amazing view.


Indian soil has Ancient footprints all over the land and their presence can be witnessed even today’s date. Ancient rulers and their left assets are now in the protection of the GOVT.

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