Bangladesh The Country That Has It All


This country may not be on the list of vacation “hot spots” but it has just as much to offer and perhaps even more. It is a Country that recognizes beauty and has the way of preserving their history so it blends in with their modernization. It has much to offer those that visit here and one thing is a certainty and that is those who visit here have a wonderful time, with no regrets and a mindset to return.


When vacationing here in Bangladesh it would be wise to plan your itinerary so it is comprised of half things to see and the other half with things to do. Here is some of the key highlights for both venues.

Things To See

The History – The Buddhist Ruins

The history of the Country still remains through its ancient ruins. These will date back to over a thousand years. The prominent Buddhist ruins are spread throughout the Country so it is just a matter of which are most convenient for you to get to. You will find them at Moinamoti and Paharpur. Ask the locals where you are staying, and they will be sure to point you in the right directions.

Sonargaon -History in the BuildingsAside from the ruins continue your historical quest by visiting some historical building at Sonargaon. Going back in time Bengal was the first Capital of Sonargaon. Panam Nagar with tales to tell from over a 100 years ago a now considered ghost town of Sonargaon.

Taj Mahal In All Its Glory

Many of your family members if knowing nothing else about Bangladesh will probably recognize the mentioning of the Taj Mahal. It will be a treat when you take them to see a replica of this most magnificent structure. It’s only about an hour from Dhaka.

The Beauty of Bangladesh

If one will take the time to travel to Southern Bangladesh, they will find Sundarban, which is a magnificent mangrove Forrest. This is not something that you will achieve in just one day though as it is a guided tour where the destination can only be reached by boat.

Don’t miss seeing the outskirts of Sylhet as you head towards Tamabil. It is an absolutely beautiful part of this Country that should not be missed.

Bangladesh’s World of Today

Be sure to spend some time in New Dhaka as well. Here you will find the Parliament building along with many other modern structures and great places to shop and stay. Shopping in Dhaka is a delightful experience because one does not have to be rich to do so. Some wonderful export items can be found at the Bongo Bazar.

Things To Do

There is no shortage of things to do in Bangladesh it’s just a matter of how much energy do you want to expend to do it.

Mountain Biking

Let’s start off combining some sight-seeing with some mountain biking. Don’t worry though you won’t be faced with any mountains to cycle through in Bangladesh. While on your riding endeavors take advantage of getting across the rivers with the many boatmen that are waiting to accommodate you.

A New Found Hobby

Take something back from Bangladesh that will last you a life time and that is the skill of metal crafting. If you take the family to Dharma you will be able to learn about the metal crafting skills that it takes to build amazing metal sculptures.

The Beauty Of The Birds

If you are looking for a leisurely activity and happen to enjoy the beauty of the birds then you are going to thoroughly enjoy the many species of birds in Bangladesh. So just take some time to relax and enjoy these many beautiful attractions of nature.

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