Greece is another amazing place to travel and the second city of the Greece always welcome the guests to the country. Thessaloniki has never been the top tourist attraction in your list, but the city has some history which inspires souls to move to another level. Unique architecture, which has a great impact on us for having them around us.

Greece, Thessaloniki is a decent place where you can stay and have a good time but finding a hotel in the city would be difficult because each hotel has their Tariffs and they have their style of to present which might shake your budget, so here are the Hotels which are budget friendly and also luxurious.



The Excelsior is a 5-star Hotel which was renovated from the building which was constructed in 1924. It is located in the Aristotelous square, which is located in the center of the business and commercial place. Aristotelous square might have been constructed in 1924, but it has been renovated to this time. You can expect a restaurant on the roof also a garden at the same time. The place and the occasion will make you feel like you are in a paradise.


The Met Hotel is one of the special Hotel in the Town. The Hotel has some artifacts, Gallery, Methodically, Sculptures, Art pieces are something which is common in the Hotel. The Hotel has a rooftop pool, amazing garden restaurant and has some features which no another Hotel has it. If you want to experience unique accommodations, then you should try The Met Hotel.


Do you love sea facing Hotels? Then you should learn about the Daios Luxury Living Hotel, which has some stunning views to offer and it has the luxurious touch to it. This is the place for you guys. The Hotel is designed for the Hotel service to the people who work there are designed to sail when you board the ship, which is crazy.  You can have the stunning view and top-notch breakfast service. The dinner is something you should be looking forward to, from salon to Spa everything is ready for you. The Hotel is located near to the center of the city.


Aristotelous Square is the center of the town where you can find Business & Commercial places and the Electra Palace Hotel is located right over the place. There is no denying that the Hotel is good at what they call it. It is indeed a palace and you can find elegant establishments in Thessaloniki. From Spa to Sauna is the first rate trip to the city.


Sometimes the budget may go off the regular or the p[lanned because of the season and the requirements but the tariffs are same, but the place has History marks all of the place and you can try the history of the Greece.

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