This article looks at the top ten budget tips in the form of European travel guides. The list provides a detailed summary of each European location which is a great starting point for each site. In addition, a key aspect of the article is to provide a low cost option with what tends to be expensive European trips.

Europe can be an expensive destination for any traveler. Getting the most bang for each buck is a lofty challenge for the typical traveler in Europe. Fortunately, we are here sharing the top ten freebie and budget secrets. From Spain to Turkey, these destination-specific tips will maximize travelers’ cultural experiences abroad while keeping their wallets nice and plump.

Here are top ten budget travel tips:


Catch some Olympic glory without spending a penny by attending one of the free events, such as the marathon, triathlon, or cycling road race. Head to Hyde Park to catch the cycling portion of the triathlon.


Malasaña’s biggest party honors the memory of the madrileños who were killed in the fight to free Spain from Joseph Napoleon-and for travelers, that means free museum entry, live music, and dancing on May 2nd.


At Istanbul’s markets, American travelers should pretend they’re anything but American. Speaking a foreign language other than English translates into lower prices. It’s also smart to ignore the gimmicks found immediately upon entering the bazaar and head straight to the backstreets, where vendors are likely to have more practical products and be more receptive to bargaining.


Normally a whopping €15, this popular museum complex opens its doors for free on the last Sunday of every month. Beyond the Sistine Chapel, be sure to check out the Pinacoteca, home to some of the best Italian art from the 12th-17th centuries by artists like Giotto, Fra Angelico, Raphael, and Caravaggio.


Dutch for “Museum Year Pass,” the Museumjaarkaart grants unlimited access to Amsterdam’s many museums. Travelers planning on going to more than two or three museums while in the city should rush to buy one of these.


Head to Shangó Bar on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for free salsa lessons.


Czech out New Europe’s free city tour to get acquainted with Prague’s major sights. Paid options are also available, including a castle tour, beer tour, Terezín concentration camp tour, and Kutná Hora tour.


“Happy Hour” (Wednesdays from 11am to 1pm) at secondhand store Garage offers 30% off of prices that already make travelers weak in the knees.


To get from Athens to the neighboring Cyclades at a lower cost, trade the plane for the ferry. For further savings, take a standard ferry-they’re cheaper, and they run more frequently, than the fast ferries.


It may cost €10, but a ticket to the Palazzo Pitti can get travelers access to three museums and the Boboli Gardens.

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