Cheap Holiday Ideas–Home Swap Save Money On A Holiday Home Swap

Book a holiday home swap and immerse yourself in another culture whilst living in affordable accommodation. Trade homes with another family and see the world.

The recent recession had an impact on many of our lives and made us consider how to live more frugally. In terms of holidays, staycations or budget airline flights have become increasingly popular. Yet another trend that has really shown growth in the past few years is holiday home swapping.


What Is Home Swapping?

The idea is that you trade homes with someone else who lives in a location that you’d like to visit. You can visit their home for an agreed amount of time such as a week, a fortnight, or even longer if it suits both parties. During this time, your fellow home swappers will typically stay at your vacant home. Other than the cost of flights, there are really no restrictions on how far and wide you are able to travel during a home swapping holiday. You might wish to take your family to Austria, Australia or even Alaska. So long as you can find a family or group of guests that also want to stay in your home, then the world is your oyster.  It is worth noting that you should take out insurance for holiday home swaps, as with any other type of travel or vacation.

What If Our Vacation Times Don’t Match?

There will sometimes be situations where both parties in a home swap arrangement want to travel at different times of the year. This might be due to school holiday restrictions, enforced holidays by an employer or seasonal climate differences. If there are problems in trying to organise a simultaneous home swap, then there are other options available to you. For those that have a second home or will be away for business, you could let out your property when you’re away for a stretch of time.

Alternatively you might be interested in hosting your guests whilst you remain at home. Later in the year, you would then return to their home to stay with them. In this scenario, you would get the opportunity to develop a close friendship with your exchangers and gain a great insight into a different culture.


Holidaymakers who choose to home swap can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds in comparison to the cost of a hotel or apartment. However, there are further savings to be made with this affordable style of holiday. Some families choose to swap cars during an exchange, which allows guests to save on the extortionate cost of car rentals. Eating out is also kept to a minimum, as homes will of course be fully equipped with a working kitchen.

How To Book A Holiday Home Swap

There are various platforms that successfully operate home swaps throughout the world. Love Home Swap can save the average member £2,750 per trip on their accommodation costs. AirBnB is the most well-known site, thanks to its huge marketing campaign, and allows visitors to book rooms in over 191 different countries, so long as they abide by the ‘house rules’. It is also possible to stay in an AirBnB room without renting your own house out. Culture GoGo is a great option for travellers who are looking for entirely free board, so long as they are willing to assist their hosts with their English language-speaking.

If you’re tempted by the idea of immersing yourself in another culture whilst saving a fortune on the cost of your next holiday, then check out a holiday home swap site today and discover which part of the world is waiting for you to visit.

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