Christmas is coming soon, and you need to make sure that you friends and relatives will receive a gift from your end. Not everyone can afford expensive gifts for the loved ones but if the desire and intention are good hearted then anything you send would add great value to their Christmas.

Christmas is an occasion where many people get together, and even long distant family members get together. You can surprise them with your unique idea which does not cost a single penny. I have compiled a list of things which you can present to your friends and relatives and impress them with your handy work.


A picture book is always an ideal idea which is not only handcrafted but also a unique way to present yourself to the loved ones. Let’s assume that your parents are reaching 30th marriage anniversary and you want to gift them something on their occasion. Are you out of idea? Well everyone faces the same problem but what you can do is to create a personalized picture book where you can remind them of their journey.


The World is vast and so as time. Many are lacking time, and they end up losing many things, and they leave them behind due to lack of time. Some of them do not even remember the songs which they like from the past. What you can do is to make a list of playlist and forward to them. You can make a list of songs which they like; you can choose from his or her like and dislike from their parents or relatives.Once you have the data, you can simply download and arrange them in one place. This has worked for many people, and now you can try it too


There is no need for you to explain about it, you know what this stands for, and you can gift this if somebody in your family loves it.


Did you know that your friends, relatives, and family members have some recipes which they had during their childhood? You can do the research to dig out those recipes so that they can cook at their home and memorize their childhood days. You can get that information from your mother and grandmothers.

If you love somebody and you want to remind them each day, then you can create a personalized backgrounds or screensavers which will remind of you every time they use it. This is how you can keep her or him in his or her mind all the time.


You can practice this with your children and even parents. During school period you get to create a time capsule where you store your favorite stuff like Pencils, Books, Smartphone, Some media and data and more so that when the right times comes you can take it out and memorize your old days.


Well all of the things which we have proven to excite the loved ones and you can try it too.

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