Christmas In London: Things You Can Do?

London is a magnificent place, especially when you are there during the Christmas time. You can enjoy the celebration in the botanical garden or more traditional way. You can visit the nearest bar and pub to open the bottle of Whiskey to offer a pleasant time. Christmas is the perfect time for having the party and taking your friends along with you is also another amazing idea.

Are you in London right now? Well thaere are many things you can do while you are in in London for the Christmas

Let’s look at the things you can do while you are in London during Christmas.

Christmas In London: Things You Can Do?

Mac & Wild Festive Feast

Restaurants are one place where the hoteliers are preparing something special for their guest so that you can experience new in the restaurant. Restaurant chefs are always trying to provide and serve you with new menu and dishes. You can try on new menus like Scottish fare and delicious food with some wine. The list is filled with new and unheard items picked especially for the occasion

Mr. Fogg’s Residence

Mayfair Bar is one place which you don;t want to miss because the place is being decorated especially for the occasion. The Mr.Fogg residence is decorated with trees, lights and many other things which are used in Christmas trees.  The place is perfect to spend some quality of time with your friends on New Year. The whole is more like a Winter garden, which makes the place more unique.

Hippo Inns

Hippo Inns is one of the popular Pub in the town, and you can check out the place for the New year special, The place is decorated in the traditional way, and it was way more fun to have a real time at the place. The area is known for passing the time by playing indoor games and also have the best dishes at the restaurant. There is no doubt that the place is filled with Christmas occasion and you can have a great time at the Hippo Inns.

Shed & Rabbit

If you live in the London since childhood, then you must have heard of the place? Or if you are new to the place then you need to realize that this place is more like a food place than a restaurant. Shed and rabbit is known for having the best food at the place and this is the perfect occasion for those who want to celebrate their Christmas days at the Shed and Rabbit.

 Christmas Squiffy Picnic

It might cost you a little hard but this one place you have to be at during the Christmas time. The party is organized by many reputed people in the Town and you can experience the luxury of music, booze, food and dances. the place is good for meeting new people and also celebrate your Christmas over there. The party is decorated based on the eve and you can enjoy the luxury and also awesome food.


When you are in London, there are many places you can enjoy but when it comes to choosing it, it becomes very difficult.

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