Everyone who has just married must want to have a special honeymoon; even some couples want their second and third honeymoon. They want to do it to celebrate a special moment in their life. For you who are looking a nice destination for your honeymoon, you may want to consider Acapulco in Mexico.


Acapulco is a city in the state of Guerrero in Mexico country. You can go to Acapulco from Juan N Alvarez International Airport in Mexico with a 40 minutes flight average. Acapulco is famous with its beach and resorts, especially in 1950s when some Hollywood actors coming here often. Some of you might have asked why we must choose Acapulco for your honeymoon destination. A brief explanation, Acapulco is a city in Mexico that has the nicest beaches, but those beaches are not the only attraction here. Acapulco’s nightlife is just as famous as the beaches. The night here can be more alive than the daytime. The combinations of those two are the main attraction of Acapulco.


The beaches in Acapulco are basically parted into two; they are the northern beach and the southern beach. Each part of these beaches has its own distinction. The northern beach is usually called “Tradicional”. Broadway and Acapulco Main Square is here. Even that some modern Mexican hotels are built here, we still can see the humble of the people and the sense of Mexican culture here. The image of the southern beach is much different from the northern beach. The southern beach is far more expanded; we can see it from the number of resorts and high-level hotels with the five-starfacilities. The way of life here is different from the northern beach. Here most of the people are driving their luxurious and expensive cars to show their prestige. In short, the northern is the older section of the city that is recommended for middle and lower class tourists while the southern is the newer section of the town recommended for those searching the luxury.


For additions, if you want to fully enjoy the beaches here, you would better spare your time at the end or at the beginning of the year because this time is the best time to enjoy the beaches in Acapulco; since storms are often coming from May to November.


There are some interesting places in Acapulco that you have to visit when you are here. Some of them are La Quebrada Cliff Diver, Zocalo or the town square, and Pie de La Cuesta. La Quebrada Cliff Diver is a 50 meters high cliff where the locals are diving to attract and entertain the tourists. Unfortunately, nowadays you have to give them some tips to see the locals diving. Zocalo or the town square is located in the northern part of Acapulco.

The sense of the traditional Mexican culture can be seen at night; when the locals are usually entertaining the tourist with a dance wearing Mexican traditional clothes. Here you can find some food courts circling around a cathedral with so many various Mexican foods to offer. Next is the Pie de La Cuesta, the most beautiful beach in Acapulco, where you will find a bay in one side and a nice lake on the other side, named Laguna de Cuyoca. Swimming is not recommended here because of the big wave. For you who search Acapulco’s nightlife, you can pick one from many nightclubs in Acapulco. What they offer are not too different, but the price is. Finally yet importantly, if you want to take a closer look of Acapulco, walking or taking ‘Colectivo” cab, special taxi in Acapulco, is recommended. Using bus is not recommended because of the complex system here.

For all of the aforementioned, will you now consider Acapulco in Mexico as your honeymoon destination? If not, you would better reconsider it once more.

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