Honeymoon Destinations Guide – Costa Rica

A Costa Rica honeymoon destination defies the stereotypical idea of a romantic escape. In this tropical country, it’s not just about tropical beaches and great hotel accommodations – Costa Rica is so much more than those. In fact, it is considered a paradise for active couples because it boasts of a wide plethora of adventures. In the midst of these adventures, romance is nurtured as lovers bond through the excitement. It’s no wonder then that this country has been named as one of the top ten honeymoon destinations in the world. When on a Costa Rica honeymoon vacation, bold adventures await.

Tenorio Waterfall, Costa Rica

Couples are in for exciting pursuits, whether on land or on water. On land, the country is rich in bountiful rainforests with well-preserved magnificence. Nestled within these forests are natural wonders such as the Fortuna River Waterfalls, where couples can take a dip in the cool natural water. Lush vegetation and wildlife also abound.

Things to Do on A Costa Rica Honeymoon

But the most popular attractions on Costa Rican land are much more thrilling. Couples can feel the rush along the zip line, which takes visitors literally to the air, high above the ground, and slide them along the canopy. A similar trip is a walk on the hanging bridges. Abseiling is an equally heart-pumping activity, especially if it’s done right along a waterfall. A bonus is a trip to the area of the Arenal Volcano, where visitors can hike across a field of cooled lava, while the sounds of mini-eruptions serve as exciting mood music. On the water, the adventures are just as bold.

Whitewater rafting, for example, is an adrenaline-pumping ride down the wild rivers. For a closer feel with nature, couples can also try scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking in the beautiful Costa Rican environment. There are also dolphin-watching tours for some light-hearted fun. After a day or two of exhilarating trips, it’s highly recommended for honeymooners to relax and unwind on the amazing beaches. Costa Rica honeymoon resorts provide world-class service to vacationers, complete with beach-themed suites, special spa treatments, and appetizing food.

Costa Rica Honeymoon Packages

The best thing in Costa Rican beaches is a whole day cruise that ends at the Tortuga Island. Here, the lovely white sand beaches provide the backdrop for an experience with a catamaran, which is the local version of a little sailboat. It’s perfect for couples to get some private time together, marveling on the Caribbean or Pacific waters as they sail into the sunset. With such active trips to try, it is definitely a good idea for couples to avail of Costa Rica honeymoon packages.

Even better, Costa Rica honeymoon all-inclusive packages make the vacation hassle-free and fully enjoyable for honeymooners. These are readily available, even online, especially because the country is a top honeymoon spot. With just an all-inclusive Costa Rica honeymoon package, a couple’s vacation becomes full of excitement, thrill, and fun bonding moments. And because of that, the honeymoon will not only be romantic, it will also be unforgettable. A Costa Rica Honeymoon destination is tough to beat.

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