How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Mumbai

Are you new to the Mumbai? Have you come to Mumbai on business occasion? Then there are plenty of things you need to know about Mumbai New Year’s Eve. You have to plan for the Mumbai New year eve 2017 if you are planning to stay for that long. A new year can be devasting if you are planned because you are coming from a different place with different language. So we have compiled all of the required information for you so that you can celebrate your New year grandly.


How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Mumbai

A Twist of Arabian Sea

Do you want to experience Arabian sea then you should try Marine Drive which is the best location in the city because it is not only one but also you get the twist of freedom and joy. The Mumbaikars are using those routes for a century now.

Mumbai Clubs

I wouldn’t say that every club is the best, but I would say that there are few clubs which are good and decent. You can celebrate New Year in Mumbai in an old fashioned way by hitting the club. You can listen to the music of joy and experience good cuisine as well.

Amusement Park: Parties

You are not the only one who is planning for New Year party. Amusement parks always work on providing best-valued enjoyment for the family. If you are somebody who like happy, joyful and family decent party, then you should try the Amusement parks because they have arranged everything for the family, friends and you can have fun even when you are alone.

Gateway Of India

The landmark of Mumbai is the Gateway of India. The architectural is over 100 years old which has seen hundreds of New Years and seen the country developing. Gateway of India has seen and respected all over the nation. If you are a foreigner, then you do not know that Gateway of India is a tourist attraction and many have gathered around the place with different things from food to jewelry. On the eve the place gets started.

Campfire Party

Have you heard of Music Nights, then a band camp takes place in the Beaches, Clubs, and even restaurants and you can join them? One of the best things about the place is that you can enjoy, eat, listen, dance and can do everything you can expect from a party.

Beach Parties

I wouldn’t say that every beach is the best in Mumbai but there are few and you ask your Hotel manager or any guide that which ones are the best because there are few beaches you want to stay out of. However, you can become part of any beach and enjoy the bonfire, food, music and things you get in a party. You can meet new people and also get accommodation for your friends and family.


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