Ideas for an Amazing Sydney Wedding

While a wedding may seem to last only a few hours, it is the most wonderful and magical day of your life. A lot of people spend weeks and months planning for the perfect wedding that they can look back on and remember forever.

The wedding season in Sydney starts in autumn and lasts through winter. Here are four ideas to plan and organize the best day of your life in a way that will make it memorable for everyone involved.

A Wedding Cruise

One way to start your new journey together is to do it on a cruise. Sydney has the perfect weather for an outdoor wedding and the city lights look amazing under the dusk sky in the evening. There are bound to be many a magical moments when you choose to take your vows under city lights and the stars. is something that you will be sure to remember. It will be an experience not just for you and your partner, but your guests as well.

It is also a great way to make sure that everyone is present at the wedding from the start to finish. Professional caterers and a wedding planner who is experienced in handling the ceremonies of the evening will make sure that everything goes perfectly.

The Entertainment

Cruise weddings are unique and special. You get plenty of options for music, entertainment and sightseeing. You may even consider educating your guests about the landmarks and sights in Sydney which will pique their interest and get them talking.

You can overcome the limitation of space on the yacht by playing a few games that encourage mingling and lively conversations. A professional photographer can take pictures of the lucky couple and their guests with famous lights and landmarks of the city in the background.

Live bands, DJs and magicians will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Wedding on an Island

You can make your wedding even more special by having the ceremonies performed on an island. The cruise ship planner will handle all the arrangements. The happy couple and guests will be dropped off to one of the islands.

Rodd Island in the Iron Cove is one of the popular locations for getting married. The venue has a capacity of 150 people, and provides all the facilities you would need.

You can have the whole wedding on the yacht or have the reception and ceremony on the island with the after party celebrated on the yacht.

Week Long Wedding Cruise

For the ultimate experience, you may also want to look into a week-long cruise. These are slowly becoming popular with many wedding planners offering them as part of the deal. One reason for the rising popularity of cruise weddings is that you can have a week of celebrations for the same cost as a one day wedding at home.

The wedding usually takes place on the first day at a port or island. This is followed by a cruise along the coast of Australia which usually lasts for a week but you may be able to have the duration adjusted based on your needs.

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