Last Minute Travel Items You Don’t Want to Leave Home

Finally, the time has come for you to get away from your everyday routine and vacation. You’ve found the perfect destination, booked your tickets, reserved your stay at one of the top hotels, and even secured a rental car for transportation once you’ve arrived. Now, all that’s left to do is pack your things and leave. As you’re packing, make sure you have these things with you to avoid having your trip turn into a complete disaster.


You’ll need proper identification a lot during your travels. It is often required at airports and when making credit card purchases. You’ll also need it to secure your hotel and car rental. As basic as this tip may sound, you’d be surprised how many people hit the road and leave behind their driver’s license and/or passport. Not only should you make sure you have these things with you, but you should make copies and keep them somewhere else just in case your originals get lost.


Plan on driving a rental car while on your trip? Then you’re going to need to make sure you have insurance with you. In the event that you’re in an accident out of town, you need to have coverage for damages. If you don’t presently have insurance, you can easily find a quote online through service providers like Acceptance Insurance. You can secure a policy instantly and have coverage just in time for your trip.

Car insurance isn’t the only form of insurance you need to make sure you take with you. Health insurance cards should also be copied and taken with you on vacation. Should you get injured, feel sick, or suffer from food poisoning, you want to make sure that you can get the medical treatment you need without hassle or high out of pocket costs.

Airline Tickets

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting all the way to the airport to realize that you left the tickets at home. Make sure you have securely packed these in your carryon bag or purse so that they are easily accessible. You may want to also make a copy or keep a digital version on your smartphone for backup.

Chargers and Power Cords

You rely on your mobile phone for everything. It would be a real drag to get on the plane and realize you left your charger home. This goes for other chargers and power cords as well. If you’re taking electronic devices like a laptop, tablet, gaming console, or cookware, make sure that you have also packed the power cords and chargers.


If you have medical conditions that require you to take medication regularly, make sure that you have enough medication for your trip. After having the prescriptions filled, don’t forget to pack them in your bag. You’d hate to be thousands of miles away from home to realize you left something important like your medication. It can take hours to fill at out of town pharmacies or even worse, may not be available where you are.


Although credit cards are the most convenient method of payment, it can’t hurt to take a few hundred dollars in cash. Tucking some money in your luggage for safekeeping can keep you out of a jam. If you should lose your wallet, have it stolen, or spend more than you had budgeted for, you have some extra cash you can grab easily.

The thought of laying on a beautiful beach with your favorite drink in your hand has got you anxious. You’ve waited who knows how long for this day and all you want to do is get out of town. Before you leave your house, however, you may want to double check that you’ve remembered to pack each of the items listed above. Leaving any of these things behind can take your trip from fun and relaxing to stressful and chaotic. After you’ve gathered these things, you’re ready to go with your peace of mind in tow.

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