Mumbai Architecture In 5 Iconic Buildings

Have you ver been to Mumbai before? If you are planning to, then you should know about the places in Mumbai which are worth enough to visit. Mumbai has many tourist attractions which are not only historic but also they have their story to tell and explain what made them historic.

Five iconic places in India, Mumbai which made Mumbai the historic place in India.

Mumbai Architecture In 5 Iconic Buildings

Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah is one of the well-known dargahs in India, and the Mosque, dargah (Tomb) is where many people visit the place with their dreams and expect miracles to happen in theirs.


Many people around the world come to the dargah with expectations and need assistance spiritually.

Mumbai High Court

During the rule of British, the Mumbai High Court came to light as they built it in 1870, which is pretty old and made in English-Gothic style. The high court has been designed by Colonel J.A. Fuller, and R.E. British-style building may seem pretty, but it has features which cannot compare with the rest of the courts in India.


You can note iconic Goddess of Justice, holding scales and sword in one hand each, which is iconic.

Gateway Of India

In 1911 the foundation was made, and it was not started not finished at that time, but later on, the word received that the King George V and Queen Mary are going to visit the place, then the construction was started and finalized in 1924.


It was said that it was the symbol of the British presence in India. Coming to the design, not many know that the Gate of India was designed by Scottish architect George Wittet, not by a British designer.

The Taj Mahal Palace

The Taj Mahal Palace is one of the first tourist attraction, or you can say that the people land to the balance to stay in Mumbai and it has become a tourist attraction.

Pool at the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel in Colaba district

It is an iconic Arabian sea facing hotel which was built in the years of 1903, making it 100+ year old hotel in the country. It has been a century, but the building is staying tall and living up to the reputation of its own.

Knesset Eliyahoo Synagogue

You may not know but it is the second oldest synagogues in the city, and it was established in 1884, which makes it very old.

Interior with rich Burmese teakwood furnishings

The building stands in the downtown of Mumbai, and it has become one of the tourist attraction for many years. The building has been in taking care of officials, and it has been build for Grandson of David Sassoon known as the leader of the Jewish community.

Wrap up

There are several iconic places in Mumbai which we have not mentioned because has a professional story like “World Trade Center” in Mumbai which is something almost every India recognizes. But as we know that World Trade Center in Mumbai is not tourist attraction because it exists for professional reasons.

Despite that, I would like to share that the Mumbai has a history of its own. The city has seen many faces, era, and changes which are magnificent.

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