The Travel Clap governs the way which the blog has collected, uses maintains and discloses any kind of information collected from the user applies to all website The privacy policy subjects to all of their pages, products, content offered by the Travel Clap.

Privacy Policy – Travel Clap

PII (Personal identification information)

We collect information only when the user is willing to make it, any individual can go ahead and surf the site anonymously anytime the reader or the user wishes to but users may be asked for information to provide in  as appropriate Name, Email, Phone, Mailing Address, Photo and other information. That information collected for a purpose mentioned or understood by the users is subjected to the will. We do not use that information for other purposes unless the users willing to do that. We do prevent third-party access to that information collect from the users.

Non-PII (Non-Personal identification information)

For those who do not use their information on the site and rather surf anonymously,we collect information called “Interactive”. We collect the information using special authorized and secure channel. We collect information like Browser name, Type of PC used for viewing, Type Smartphone used in Viewing, OS involved in the process, Average time spent on reading, referral, and ISP. We use the information to provide the best service we can to serve our readers and the community.

Cookies and Email

Browser Cookies: We have always try to give the best out of us by delivering you the best UI, speed, and interactive services on the site. Travel Clap may use Browser cookies for enhancing user experience.

Note: This site may use cookies to enhance the user experience and cookies are not meant to harm or disclose your identity. Cookies stores data of a site and your activity on the site within the hard disk so that it can be useful when you re-visiting the site. The loading speed will increase as the cookies in your HDD is re-used to load the site. In case if you disable Cookies this site may not function properly as the Travel clap may run on cookies.

If you have disabled the cookies and the site does not function at any time then we are not held responsible for loading or functioning failure.

Email: Travel Clap is a community and a blog which is based on people. Did you know that collection emails I also part of the making this community together and stronger, so we collect Emails from different users from different countries, we do not force nor we push our users to do so. We collect Email to strength the community and be connected to the users.

The information or the Email collected from the users will not be shared with any third party user or we will not share the information publicly. Your Email which is stored on our servers will be protected.

Information Collected Usage

Blogging Cage collects and uses Users personal information for the following purposes:

Travel Clap collect information from the users for the following reasons and the purposes.

  • To enhance the User Experience.
    We collect the information to serve you better by understanding your liking and how to make our services and resources better on the blog.
  • – To Improve The Blog.
    We do not believe in changing but we do believe in improving. We highly appreciate with your feedbacks.
  • – To improve User Services & feedback
    Your support is appreciated and we use your information to make our UI, service and also replies better.
  • – To Send Newsletters.
    We are also using your Emails to send you newsletters, which is mentioned before you are accepting to subscribe to it.

How Do We Protect Your Information

We have very strict policy against hacking, Unauthorized access, Practices, Alteration, Destruction, and Manipulating. We protect your precious data from all domestic and international threats. We do our best to keep your personal data confidential. We never share or authorize any third party to access your personal data which has been trusted with us.

We prohibit offers like Trading, Sell, Rent your personal information to any individual, Advertiser, Paid person and any other form. We respect your privacy and the trust you put in us and we will not fail you nor disappoint you in any way.

Paid Advertising and Paid Content

We do have a target to generate revenue and we use Advertising programs to do that and we may need you to have cookies enabled to view relevant and useful ADS. Remember, the AD networks we use is trustworthy and they will not mislead you nor ask you to pay for it. The AD partner is Google Adsense and we are not responsible what you do after you leave the site.

The another ADS or the Paid content on the site is fully reviewed by the admin personally to ensure the authenticity and legit information is being given to the audience.

AD Partner: Google Adsense

One of the trusted AD networks in the world is Google Adsense. Adsense uses your cookies database to display more relevant data or ADS on the sites. You need cookies enabled to view relevant ads. Google ad network do not track and store your personal data or information such as Name, Email, Photo, Identity or any personal information. The ADS are displayed based on your interest.

If you still have doubts or need a detailed info then visit

Changes or Update Privacy Policy

Travel Clap all rights to change and update the privacy policy and we do our best to update them with time and year. We do not notify you when we have minor changes which are mostly updated each year but when we have major changes in Privacy Policy which concern the Subscribers and readers then we do notify your via Email and us mention it on the Homepage, so that you will be updated with our new changes.

Now Do You Agree?

We hope that you have read every point before using this site and if you agree you can proceed normally. In case, if you Do Not Agree, Kindly leave the site.

We have covered almost every point and think we have missed anything in here, notify us.