Who Are We & What Is Travel Clap?

Travel Clap is a popular online traveling publication source. Where we provide ideas, tips, and ways to reach travelers and tourist destination of peace. We show the reality of the tour, which is not only good but also can make an impact on an individual. We focus more on how we can deliver the content which can help the travelers and tourist to find their peace land.

We have witnessed by yourself that most of the tour agents or online travel portals do not tell the travelers about what kind of procedure and what kind of extra money they have to pay later on. Which leads many of the customers to pay extra or you can put it this way Overspending. We strive to provide information which can assist them to take a better decision.

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We have a community that depends on the information we provide on the site. The information is followed by and trusted every person who lands on the blog. We have ensured that your content is 100% accurate and also legit information you are providing to ensure that the Travel Clap audience or community is not being misled or outdated information. As a contributor, kindly make sure to follow the guideline we are providing you to follow so that we can have a trustable and strong community. We are highly against contributors who do not follow any of the rule following below.

  • We only accept content which is targetted and written solely for the community and should be useful.
  • We accept content which is fresh and unique in every aspect.
  • We have mentioned it clearly that only Unique Content is accepted, so make sure that your content is copied from another blog.
  • Travel Clap blog has readers from different countries, so we are currently accepting those articles which are understandable to all other non-primary English users well. In short, your content should be readable and understandable .
  • We have readers from several countries so we are accepting English-language content only, rest of the language are not allowed as of now.
  • We like content which is in deatiled and informative, so maintain at least 500-word articles.
  • We and the readers dislike articles which have a solution with your product or promotion in the end.
  • Travel Clap is very strict when it comes to copyright, make sure your article and its content are not copyright.
  • You should reply to the comments after we publish your article. (It is mandatory.).
  • Remember, when you are submitting your post kindly send your authentic personal information and photos, full name and other information. We consider unfinished profiles as fake profiles.


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I hope you understand the Guidelines we have mentioned makes more sense and we appreciate that you follow each and every stipulation we have placed on the Guest Post GuidelinesWe are expecting you and do not hesitate to contact us for other queries.