Take These 10 Trips Before You Have Kids


Run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain


Reaching a consensus among travelers is difficult in today’s world, but surely we can agree on this: children and angry bulls do not mix. So get there before you settle down. The annual nine-day festival in Pamplona is the most famous of the countrywide celebrations that take place each summer to honor Saint Fermin, the city’s patron saint.

March to New York City for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick Day Parade

Before entering parenthood, you and your significant other owe it to yourselves to go out and get rip-roaring, gutter-puking wasted one last time. What better place to do this than New York on St. Patrick’s Day?

Let loose in Amsterdam


Sure, you’ll probably end up taking the kids to Europe someday, but this is one city you and your future baby-making companion should hit up before the little tykes arrive. Otherwise, you’ll spend your entire trip answering questions like, “Daddy, what’s that funny smell?” and “Why do they have pretty ladies in all their windows?”

Trek Thailand’s Golden Triangle


Even if you survived the long-haul flight there with kids in tow, heading into the Southeast Asian jungle with young offspring would take bravery few of us possess. So before you bid adieu to your childless existence and enter into the parental realm, secure a guide, strap on a pack and head into the hills for up-close-personal encounters with the hill tribes inhabiting remote villages, elephants and waterfalls.

Visit the Exit Row one last time


‘Cause for the next 15 years, your family isn’t sitting in one.

See an opera in London


Even if you think you hate high-brow entertainment, trust us on this one. Watching an opera in a world-class opera house is something everyone should do at least once. After all, there’s a reason the art form has persisted for over 400 hundred years. And unless you end up birthing the next Mozart, you can bet your bottom dollar that this is one activity your future kids will hate.

See a comedy show in Los Angeles

Try famous venues like the Laugh Factory, the Improve or the Acme Comedy Theater for a final dose of raunchy humor and f-bombs before you morph into respectable parental units who would never, ever use language like that.

Spend the weekend in Vegas


No matter how many people try to pretend Las Vegas is a family-friendly getaway, we just aren’t buying it. But with all the gambling, drinking, smoking, drinking and gambling to be done, Sin City is at its best when it’s an adults-only affair, preferably one lasting fewer than 72 hours.

Shack up in the South Pacific


Spend the last quiet vacation you’ll have for decades surrounded by the lush beauty of Bora Bora. If at all possible, spring for an over the water bungalow.

Raft the white waters of Costa Rica

Unless you’re actually trying to chuck your baby into the bulrushes (in which case, you should probably be arrested), it’s best to table white-water rafting expeditions until your kid can hold a paddle. Before the parenting years set in, adventurous types would do well to visit Costa Rica for its raging white-water and plethora of multi-day rafting tours.

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