The 10 Best Waffles In Singapore

We are in Singapore, and without tasting waffles, you cannot leave Singapore. Getting the right dish and tasting the real waffle is more like finding a needle in the hassle. Many restaurants and street foods offer Waffles, but only a few of them have that unique taste. Finding those few is also another tricky part, but for you, we have prepared a list of places where you can feel the actual taste of the Waffles in Singapore.

Want to have The Best Waffles In Singapore? Then learn how you can have it in Singapore where there are only places you can find.

Let’s look at the Hotels and places where you can taste the fluffy and crunchy waffles.

The 10 Best Waffles In Singapore

Sunday Folks – The Best You Can Get

The first thing which comes to the mind which we hear Sunday Folks, Sunday folks is known for waffles. If you want to taste the perfect waffles, then you should try the famous dish which has the perfection in it. You will surely leave the place with stuffed, your tummy will never be satisfied without the taste of the Sunday Folks.

Salted Caramel Artisanal Ice Cream

Waffles are Light, Airy and of course simple yet delicious, which is why many love the Waffle. You can have an ice cream styled with their scoop of the tower on it. What is better than having a Waffle

Hyde & Co – Creative Food

Hyde & Co made with love, and they have mad ethe place and the food with love. The Hyde & CO is a decent pace for tea, or you can say that more than just a Tea. Hyde & CO do not have the best waffle in the town, but they do have a unique touch to the waffle which can only be tasted at their place. The sauce they make, the touch on the Waffle is another level. In short, it is called creative food.

Department of Caffeine – More Than a Waffle

If you want to taste the consistency of the food, then you should stop by the DOC, which is known for presenting a unique touch on the Waffles. They are not only tasty but also the Brunch, Main, and Deserts have that touch as well. The peanut butter, raspberry, and vanilla have the craving taste.

Froth Café – A Unique Touch

A quiet place for you have the Waffles, is located in the basement of the Big Hotel. The brunch date. The Froth’s cafe has an incredibly creative menu which does not explain how the flavors are but also they have the texture which is very crucial for any Waffle. The Baker has a unique touch on the Waffle which can only be attained after years of practice.


Waffles are indeed some fo the best foods around the world. Many like the waffles in different presentation with the unique taste. Waffles are available pretty much in every country, but the tastes are different. Many of the waffles taste like you have a paper with honey. Best Waffles can only be made with love and experience.

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