The 5 Best Cities Of Asia Where Everyone Lingers Longer Than Planned – Part 2

We have got you another set of cities in Asia where you would love to bunk for days together and never want to come back. The beauty and serenity of these places hold one back.

1. Udaipur (India)


There are more wonderful relaxing towns in the picturesque Indian province of Rajasthan (Jaisalmer is a close second!) But we chose Udaipur. This small town is considered the most romantic city in India and is located in a valley along the azure Lake Pichola. Just like the lake are the magnificent palaces, culminating with the extravagant Lake Palace where the James Bond film Octopussy was shot. Udaipur is the city to do anything quietly, and enjoy excellent food and drink at sunset, overlooking the lake.

2. Nong Khiaw and Muang Ngoi (Laos)

The remote river villages Nong Khiaw and Muang Ngoi are Laos at its best: a spectacular location, retired places where time stands still and you can combine ultimate relaxation with trips to nearby caves and H’mong villages. Around the village you will find an impressive blue-green karst mountain, the area is truly magnificent. Stay in Nong Khiaw if you prefer living right on the river, ideally a cottage with private pool and hammock chair. It further secluded Muang Ngoi, one hour by boat from Nong Khiaw, has no roads and has electricity only during daytime.

3. Lijiang (China)

China’s Yunnan province is one of the most beautiful and famous among travelers in regions of China . Here you will find many traditional minorities and authentic historic towns, where Dali and Lijiang are the most famous. Lijiang is considered one of the most beautiful small towns in China. Surrounded by waterways and bridges, the town is also called the “Venice of the East.” Tourist? Yes. But in a right way. Stroll through the narrow, atmospheric streets full of lighted lanterns along the small rivers and residential courtyards typically of the Naxi culture. Admire the old buildings with their wood carvings, traditional pillars and red ornaments. And rent a bicycle to explore the area.

4. Georgetown, Penang (Malaysia)

Ok, a little smuggling. Because Georgetown is a city of half a million inhabitants and is therefore not particularly called a hang relaxed town. It is not necessarily quiet, indeed – not at all. But it is precisely cozy and has manageable chaos in Georgetown which you will stick to longer when traveling through Malaysia. For where certain parts of Malaysia sometimes “un-Asian” puts his pretty neat, clean and quiet, bustles in Penang – and especially in capital Georgetown – of life and culture. The city is a mix of old and new, Western and Asian, always full of life and activities. Bustling Chinese shops and food stalls stand side by side to ancient temples, British colonial buildings and hippie cafés.

5. Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

Still smuggling once a city of half a million inhabitants. But Yogyakarta on Java goes with it on this list, especially after you for instance just come from fat and ugly Jakarta. Yogyakarta is not official but in our opinion the cultural capital of Indonesia. The city is the center of Javanese culture and is one of the few ‘select’ big Indonesian cities to stay. This is not only because the magic Borobudur is close, but to this is university town itself: a lot of culture, atmosphere and (entertainment) life!

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