The 5 Least Visited Countries In The World – Part 1

France, Spain or Italy there is little anyone has ever been. Countries such as Thailand or Indonesia, since nowadays no body was very interested to travel to. No, if you really want to visit a country where no one has been out of your acquaintances, go to one of the least visited 10 countries!

Every year a list is compiled by the World Tourism Organization, the number of international visitors it receives each country per year. Based on their data, these are the 5 least visited countries in the world

Guinea-Bissau (7500 visitors)


Guinea-Bissau (not to be confused with Guinea, which receives more than 60,000 visitors annually) is one of the poorest countries in Africa. The country in western Africa has a huge foreign debt and an economy which is heavily dependent on foreign aid. In the 90s this was a bitter civil war site, where thousands of people died. The Ebola outbreak is also another reason for which travelers are advised not to visit Guinea-Bissau. That is anyway difficult, because there is no tourist infrastructure and few airlines fly to the country.

Travelers who dare however, are rewarded with beautiful scenery and the rugged beauty of the nation. So you can spot hippos and turtles in the more than twenty islands of the Bijagos archipelago, or Portuguese architecture to admire in Bissau. For adventurers Guinea-Bissau is a true paradise!

Niue (7000 visitors)


Niue is a small, very rocky island which lies in the South Pacific. With an area of ​​only 260 square kilometers and around 1,000 inhabitants, Niue is perhaps one of the largest coral atoll islands, but it is also one of the smallest countries in the world.

The island is surrounded by protected reefs and has a very unique feature to complement the beautiful small beaches; Niue has a high natural radioactivity in the soil! But there is no negative effects known. For travel geeks Niue is the perfect island, because since 2003 there has been over the island free Wi-Fi! We like that.

Libya (6250 visitors)


Although Libya is the world’s 17th largest nation, the country has had many problems. A civil war ravaged the nation, and battles with armed attackers occur frequently in almost the entire country. The climate of the country is not very attractive, with almost 90% of the country covered by very dry Sahara desert. Only the north of the country on the Mediterranean Sea has a milder climate.

Those who dare to defy the environmental and political conditions, will be rewarded with a magnificent historical heritage. Leptis Magna, east of Tripoli was once an important city of the Roman Empire and to this day it has one of the best preserved Roman ruins.

Kiribati (6000 visitors)


Kiribati is an extremely isolated nation geographically. It has a land mass of 800 square kilometers, but the islands are spread over 3.5 million square kilometers. Because Kiribati is so remote and inaccessible, the islands are still untouched. To get there, you can fly from Nauru and the Marshall Islands, on flights that fly once every two weeks. Or fly from Fiji to one of the two weekly flights to South Tawara, the capital of Kiribati.

The local population of Kiribati is otherwise very friendly and welcoming, with the Kiribati dance as one of the most iconic aspects of their culture, which is characterized by small, birdlike movements with the head. The flag of Kiribati even has a bird that refers to this dance.

Equatorial Guinea (5700 visitors)


Equatorial Guinea (between Gabon and Cameroon) consists of the mainland and five volcanic islands, Bioko Island is the most popular. The African country is known for its many beautiful white beaches, volcanic views and a pristine jungle. Besides the beautiful scenery, the country also a good destination for animal lovers because the rain forest is home to numerous endangered primates and nesting sea turtles on the beach.

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