It has been said that the true taste of Indian cuisine is in street food or canteens in India. But not matter what the critics has to say, personally Indian street food is the tastiest food you can eat in India. As of Mumbai, there are many canteens you can try the food, and you can experience communal for authentic tastes.

If you are taking a tour in Mumbai, then you should try Indian food. Then here are the canteens you can taste food and experience an authentic taste of Mumbai food.



Want to taste the seafood in Mumbai? Then you should take a tour of the Goa Bhavan restaurant in Juhu is the ideal food place you can try in Nothern suburbs. The Bombli Rawa Fry is the special dish you should try and experience an authentic taste of seafood in Mumbai.


Hotel Swagath is something you should visit because the menu is cheap yet you will get the hit of taste in Mumbai. You can taste all popular dishes in Mumbai like Pav bhaji, Magda patties and other popular foods made from veggies. Tea is part of many lives in India, and you can experience that Tea break where you take a sip of tea with your co-workers. That’s not the end of the menu as they have more to offer from North Indian Cuisine to Chinese-indo food. You can taste Palak Paneer to Dal khichdi.


A must try a place in Mumbai is Shri Krishna canteen where you can taste the vegetarian food, the food is served with rice, roti, and curries in banana leaves. If you are grown up in the south, or you have ever been to the South India, then you would know that the serving food in banana leaves is traditional in South Indian and even today you can see serving south breakfast and food in marriages, functions. You can try outstanding dishes like Bhajis, Papdas, Curd, Rasgula, and much more.


have you ever tasted Kerala cuisine? Did you know that Kerala cuisine is different from Mumbai cuisine? If you want to taste famous dishes in Mumbai then you should try Kerela Mutton and Chicken stews and vegetarian curries with rich coconut milk. You can experience all of the tastes on banana serving leaves.


One of the busy restaurants is Ladoo Samrat with Maharastra food. The fast serving and low priced restaurant is very popular in Mumbai and is always busy. You can taste the Vada Pav, Misal Pav, and batata Wads. The Ladoo Samrat serving team is always ready to serve their new and foreign customers with the hit of Indian taste. The popular dishes will be served within five minutes of order.


Among the best canteens in Mumbai, you can try different Indian cuisine in any restaurants will find all Mumbai popular food in any restaurants. Only in these places, you can taste real Mumbai food, and locals know that, so do you.

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