Batu Ferringhi has some of the best places to shop and derive endless and everlasting fun. Following are the places which are worth being visited:-


Adventure Zone is spread in 10,000 square feet and comprises of sophisticated indoor playground with various facilities. There are three categories of drop slides along with various sections of modular plan equipment. Hence, as visit the adventure zone, you will surely be mesmerized by the drop slides. Besides being totally safe, you are bound to get the highest degree of enjoyment like never before. The best thing is that it is not just limited for children, but elders are equally going to have full happiness and enjoyment like never before. The place offers endless pieces of beauty which can only be experienced as you visit such coveted place. There is an island where the beauty cannot be described in mere words. It is recommended here that you need to rend a motorcycle and derive through the area in order to get a sense of such a prized place.


Here you will surely want to pass time on the beach as the beauty is simply priceless. However, the view of sunset is indeed mesmerizing to say the least. Looking to munch some thing? If yes, then you can surely like to have sumptuous food which is simply the best among the rest. The price is kept quite reasonable as well. You will love the environment to say the least. There are beach chairs by the sea and you will defiantly want to pass the time here amidst the endless beauty. The night life of the place is simply stunning. You can enjoy to the full throttle with great music. Hence, you should not miss visiting the place especially at night. After all, every single place has its own specialty and this place is no different. You will be blessed to pass time and experience the refreshing and great time which will be worth being remembered for ever as well. Hence, it stands out to be quite a comfortable and fun place. So, the enjoyment is surely guaranteed as well. You will like to enthrall to the core as DJ plays on background.


As you are in the market and accompanied with kids, you need to get a babysitter since carrying them will indeed be quite tiring. Hence, it is recommended that you take the same with you. In this way, you will not be facing any issues as you go for a long walk. The market houses various things which are worth being shopped. However, be prepared to bargain since there is lots of bargaining which goes down. You will indeed be quite surprised to know that by doing so, you just have to spend 1/3rd of the actual price.

Finally, aforesaid are the things to do in Batu Ferringhi. You will be blessed to visit this place for sure. Hence, do not miss visiting it as well.

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