Things to do in Gloucester

Gloucester is a Cathedral city and is popular for its picturesque beauty and adventure. A trip to the city is inevitable especially if you are looking for unending and electrifying fun. Hence, there are following things to do in Gloucester which will give you heightened and electrifying times of life. In this way, you are going to enjoy to the fullest as well.

Gloucester: Fishermen’s Memorial Monument

Things to do in Gloucester
This photo of Fishermen’s Memorial Monument is courtesy of TripAdvisor

While visiting the city, you equally want to know the history as well. What better way than to be a proud witness to Fisherman’s Memorial Monument. It was built in the year 1925 in memory of the fisherman who drowned in the sea during seventeenth century. The fisherman’s memorial was given the status of a historical event in the year 1966 as it was added to the National register of Historic Places.

The statue is indeed quite magnificent. It highlights the names of the sailors who have lost their lives in the city. Hence, while being in Gloucester, you need to pay your homage to the departed souls and hence it will be a tribute which will enhance the glory of you visit even further. Therefore, among the things to do in Gloucester is to visit the exotic statue. As you can also go for a walk along the harbor and it provides exemplary beauty which certainly needs no introduction. The moment you visit the place, you will realize the hard work and trauma of the present day fisherman which they undergo while feeding their families.

Tuna Hunter Fishing Day Charters

A trip with Tune Hunter indeed turns out to be a life time experience. Hence, as you are in Gloucester, you should not miss the opportunity. You will enjoy to the fullest as besides catching the fish, you can equally have it as well. Hence, the day will be surely etched in your memory for ever.


The Adventure is a double masted scooner and has been a popular place in Gloucester. Due to exemplary efforts of local people, it is being renovated and restored in its original glory. It is located at the Gloucester marine railways years.

Dogtown Common

Dogtown Common is the mind blowing network of trails which was used by the European Settlers who later on, abandoned their dogs to fend for themselves. The area offers picturesque beauty and it runs through quarries and woods. Hence, among the various things to do in Gloucester, is to visit the area and soak yourself for some exotic fun. The surrounding is just awesome and if you are looking to enjoy, then you cannot possibly get any other conducive place for sure.  The scenery is indeed just awesome and for once you even get the feeling that you have actually come into an altogether different world. Hence, it is a must visit place which you will enjoy to the core.

Finally, aforesaid are the things to do in Gloucester and you need to visit such enriching places. So what are you waiting for?

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