It is good when you decide to go some places like United States, Dubai, Paris etc. but this time I suggest you to head to such places where you can live your life to the fullest, I mean with roaming around the city you also can relax yourself and do some adventurous activities which your dream. And the best place to do all these things simultaneously is on the Beaches. Book your tickets and pack your luggage because this time we are going to the gorgeous beaches of Italy.


Tourist around the world has not explores this beach yet, so it is a less crowded beach where you can go with your soul mate and have fun with the places of San Vito lo Capo. It is an authentic Italian beach break you can say, the climate is at best in the summers, so try to book your tickets for summer holidays. San Vito lo Capo hosts its annual Couscous Festival in September, so you can also head there during festival.


It is another beautiful place of Italy where you can spend all your holidays. If you are seeking for relaxing holidays and perfect wild nightlife then this place is for you. The mild weather of here is just perfect for exploring some cities located nearby of the beach such as Cagliari. At the sea-shore of Villasimius you will find some best resorts offering you the luxurious lifestyle.  So find a suitable place for you at nearby beach side.


You will be mesmerized after heading to this place as it is one of the best beaches of Italy. Otranto Beach is at the shore of the Adriatic Sea, in Italy’s Puglia region. It is a sun blazing beach perfect for the sunbathing activity. Town consists of some historic facts which attract tourists from all over the world. Beach is spread over the 10km distance.


This place is on the island’s South Coast. Cagliari is the largest city and capital of Sardinia. The climate over here is quite warm which attracts lot of locals and visitors. The Poetto Beach is 5 mile long and it is among the best beaches on the Mediterranean. Here you will find several restaurants providing stunning bay views and serve traditional seafood. If you like to see culture of new places then you will like to visit the old district of Castello which is at the highest part of the city.


If you love to do fishing or fishing is your favorite water activity then you can plan to head to this place with your friends. For years, Vieste was the fishing village but now it is a popular beach destination of Mediterranean. The water of the place is renowned for its purity and it will be a perfect place for swim and sail in deep blue water. If you going with your family then I suggest you to pack a picnic basket with lot of choices and ask some locals to direct you to their favorite hidden cove. Here you will enjoy a lot.


What you need on a beach? I think soft sand where you can relax, proper sun shine to take sunbathe, some good water and seaside activities and plenty of good restaurants. All these things are available on the beaches of Jesolo. Jesolo is the popular beach among the visitors as it has everything to make your heart happy. Here each seaside hotel has its own section of beach. This place is for fun and to spend some good time with your family and kids. Here you will get play areas too at up and down the beach.


Alghero is a marvelous atmospheric destination of Italy where you will find a rare year-round resort on the Island of Winds. The city has its own history which you can explore after heading there. Here you will find an irresistible combination of culture, history, art, shopping, food and architecture. You can walk on the Alghero’s Cobblestone Street and explore the spectacular sea cave, Neptune’s Grotto.


Positano is a breathtaking resort on the Central Amalfi Coast. The architecture of resort is in Moorish-style which rises up steep slopes. Relax yourself in the resort by spa and body massages and then take a boat ride to Capri, Ischia cave. Walk out the streets of the town and enjoy the shopping from local markets, there are plenty of good restaurants available so you can enjoy the taste of Italy too.


Cattolica is one of the gorgeous places of Italy; here you can reach by train, so step off the train and head to the beach. It is a summer place, perfect for the families, so you will find Italian families here come to relax, play and swim. Fine golden sand is spread over the beach and picturesque view of Adriatic Sea makes this place majestic. You can rent a car to visit some museums, traditional villages and beautiful churches. Also you can stroll through the markets and restaurants.


Riccione Beach, last in our list but still one of the best beaches of Italy. Here you will find beautiful people who enhance the essence of beauty of the beach. It is a perfect place for sunbathing so you find plenty of bathing attendants carrying sun beds, umbrellas and other facilities. During the day it is a best place for kids and family and by night it becomes wilder. If you want to experience a wild night life then you should head to this place at least once. 

So above listed places are the hot spots and best beach destinations of Italy. It feels wonderful when you sit over the sea shore and watching sunset. Believe me, this time you will rock your holidays after heading to these places. Above mentioned places has everything which you need on a perfect holidays, so do not miss the chance. Decide a suitable place and book your tickets.

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