Top 7 Things You Can Do And See In Taipei

If your plan is to travel to the Tapei, then check out the central business district in Taipei. The Art and Nature are what you need to see. There are many places you can check out in Taipei, but there are only a few places which you must go. I have compiled the list of 10 things you can do and see in Taipei.

Top 10 Things You Can Do And See In Taipei

Have you ever been to the Taiwan? Then experience the real Taiwan and Top 7 Things You Can Do And See In Taipei.

Shilin Night Market

The market term does not seem very impressive but in Tapei weird sounding places are the most exciting ones. If you want to taste the real food that Taipei has to offer, then you should try on Tempura, Stinky Tofu, Fried chicken steak, sticky potato starch, savory chili sauce and lime juice, fried eggs and oysters and many another traditional cuisine on the street.

Taipei 101

The place is more like a Tower which you can climb the top of it and watch the city, nightscape, clouds, mist and more in the Taipei 101. The spectacular part is that is the place you need to be when there is huge firework show.

National Taiwan Museum

Taipei is all about culture and Art of Taiwan. Museums seems boring but not this one. The place is filled with artifacts from generations. You can find things which has been held and used in the by the respective kings. You can also witness the jewelry which has been worn by the Queens and Princess of the Kingdom.

Tianyuan Temple

Temples are known for Religions and Peace places, and this is the one which you need the most. The pink Oriental cherries are blossoming along with the aroma of it, it is unique and more appealing. The place calm your sense and take all of the impurities within you in the blossom trees and cherries.

Tamsui Old Street

If you are someone who want to taste and feel the antique style of the Taiwan then this is the place where you have to try because the place is full of vintage style and the food is traditional. The aroma of the food in the Tamsui old street is kind of awesome. That is definitely you should try the place even if you are fond of the food or not.

Laomei Green Reef

The dazzling landscape of nature is located in the Shimen. The place is kind of unique to look at and enjoy the scenario. The whole place has irregular shapes of the seaweed, which has been split from volcano and lava marks.

San-Ying Waterfront

You can call the place Art of Workouts. Which is more like a city with full or art around it. The whole place is surrounded by the culture of the Taipei which has been carried out for generations, and it still lives within every Taiwan citizens.


These are the places where you can find the real Taipei which you want to see and you have to see. You can do many things from playing games or have some street food and more.

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