Traveling is not a bad idea, but the stress of traveling from one place to another is always tiring. When you have a family member who is on the Wheelchair have a bad time because of the availability of the functions and features are required or else it just turns out to be a disaster.

Traveling when you have a wheelchair user along with you can turn out be disastrous if you are unprepared. Particularly for the person who has no experience in traveling with the person who is on the.

Mobility and accessibility are what is required, and it improves the life in many ways, you should always have access to Wheelchair and its uses so that where ever you go, you are at an advantage. The inconvenience of the person who is wheelchair is always troubling when traveling from moving one place to another. It is vital to be prepared for it or else you may end up in having the worst trip ever.



• Always allow at least ninety minutes to the person to deplane and make sure that it is between the flights. It is the rule that those who are on Wheelchair are the one’s to board and the last to deplane. Give enough space to do that, or else you might create discomfort the user.

• Make sure that everything is clear such as mobility devices, so that you can avoid damages.

• Sometimes you may have to remove the cushion so make sure to carry a couple of cushions so that you can avoid discomforts.

• When you are check-in, inform the gate officer about the person so that you can arrange the help from the beginning.


•When booking Confirm with the Hotel management when you are booking, the Hotel should have ADA.

• When you are checking in make sure to check for the ADA compliant, sometimes you don’t want to have a person in the lobby who is on the Wheelchair, its just not that good feeling.

• Manual chairs are very clumsy, when in need of help, ask for assistance to the service boys.

• Make sure to check if the Elevators are in reach without carrying the person to the Lift.


•  Transportation is necessary and needs to be taken care of, and you can search for Taxi’s and cabs who provide Wheelchair assistance. There are many Cab services in the towns who are providing the service.

•  Confirm if the driver has the knowledge on how to drive when the passenger is on the Wheelchair.


Many of us are suffering from Broken legs and Elders who just cannot walk. We have family members who need our support when they are traveling. You can support them and make their journey happiest day by taking few measures to ensure that they are having a great time.

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