Traveling to Banff National Park in Canada


Whether you’re planning a romantic wedding but have not had a place to plan a honeymoon? Different ways you may have to do to find a place that actually couples want. A very decent place to visit you may have never imagined. Travel is very famous Rocky Mountain with an abundance of charm that will not be forgotten to the children and grandchildren. There are many places that must be visited when imagining the Rocky and the dazzling.


Banff National Park is a place that has the easiest access to get to various places of interest around the Rocky. You have to feel the adventure into Jasper National Park, see the beauty of Lake Louise, ice frozen Bow River, and explore the cities filled with tradition in Canmore and Banff. Enjoy the new experience to explore the canyon filled with ice freezes at some point the canyon with a beautiful view of the cliff wall in the Canyon area.

Local Tourist Destination

Here are some of the descriptions you need to do in this place and make sure you visit at the right time.

  1. Walking in the canyon that turns to ice. There are three goals that you should not miss with this experience. Grotto Canyon will make you feel amazed by walking in a narrow gorge flanked by stone walls that form a natural painting. To enjoy this experience provided a guide who can accompany you and they set schedule every day at 09:00 am. Johnston Canyon that gives you a new sensation to walk toward the canyon wall to see the frozen waterfalls from above. This place can be visited at 08:30 am and at 13:30. Make sure you contact the agent to be accompanied. If you want to enjoy the evening view of the Rocky Mountains with a very beautiful bridge passes make sure you leave on Sunday, Tuesday or Friday at 18:30.
  2. Seeing the winter habitat amazing. If all your experience shows the view of the mountains that covered with ice then another experience that should you feel is look at the various habitats of animals that can survive in the winter. Some snow sheep and dogs you can see from the second floor of a nearby hotel while enjoying hot chocolate with friends. Usually there will be a vehicle that ready to pick you up from this place until towards the hotel.
  3. Another tour you should not miss. There are many other tourist object you should do like seeing the sights of the lake that very beautiful Minnewanka, cycling around the track surrounding mountains, and experience stepping glister frozen.

Best Time to Visit

To enjoy all the stunning mountain scenery should visit this place in the month of December to March. The weather was very friendly with the changes that are not too extreme. In the snow can fall at the end of the month but the air temperature is very friendly. Do not visit in June to August. This time is very good for ski lovers but not too good for honeymoon couples. Although the weather was not too cold but you should bring enough clothes to keep warm in order to live a full activities with vigor and avoid pain.

Hotel and Food

Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge

The hotel is located very strategically located in Jasper National Park with mountains Catacomb.

Johnson Canyon Resort

The hotel is located adjacent to Banff National Park with stunning views of the mountains of the Rockies. Close to the river and the Bow Valley Parkway. They provide a menu of international food very friendly.

No honeymoon or travel experience is more enjoyable than adjacent to the amazing nature. Enjoying the beautiful times are very personal and brings memories in the form of photographs.


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