Have you ever been to Wicklow before? If you haven’t, then you should go to a trip in Wicklow because the place it’s unique nature gifts which cannot be seen or heard about anywhere around the world. Every place in every country has it’s own story and uniqueness which cannot be compared to one and other.

If you have parents who do not want to go to Ireland, then y6ou can show them the specialty of the place.



Ireland has the rarest lakes where the river has title’s which are creepy but at the same time they are unique and also it’s calm and peaceful when you are traveling for a refreshing and internal peace.


The highest mountain in the Ireland is where the waterfall is located, and the view is just stunning as they say. The place is known for inner peace finding a place and also Sugar Loaf Mountain, which has a history. The place has been re-innovate from the bottom. Waterfalls have been one of the popular tourist attraction in Wicklow, and the locals consider that the situation brings luck and prosperity.


Ireland has golf courses which have been ranked under top 100 golf courses in the world. The  Gold Courses in Wicklow is one of nicest place you can play the Golf because the place not only suitable for good shots but also the view is so refreshing that even a patient will feel active.


History repeats itself when you get to see and the feel of Indian tradition even in the Ireland. The culture which is made for the people of today, where all the gadgets like smartphone, cameras and other things are prohibited so that you can concentrate on the tradition and also see the true yourself within you. The park has Indian sculptures which are Indian Gods, and some of them are people who are trying to make some point. There is a rule where you have to take a bath naturally, and those who are above 28 are allowed to spend some time alone in the tub section


Do you like parks? Well, why don’t you take a trip to the Ireland Wicklow National Park where you can see the animals from different locations. The Forest is a mountain where you can climb and see the neighboring countries cities like Dublin, Wexford and more. The forest is spread 220 kilometres which is kind of really long and if you are lost in the forest, it would take days for the teams to search out for you.

The forest officials have also taken some specific instructions so that they can take care of you even if you are lost.


Ireland has more to offer and Wicklow has some of the unique things which cannot be compared to any other places in the world. Wicklow might not the best tourist locations but the place but the people make things special and unique for us.

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