Where To See America’s Greatest Wild Animals

There was a time when Animals in the hood were common but as the time passed by all animals in the wild are becoming rare and disappearing. Even in these days, we can find Animals in wild. One of the most favorite places on earth to see Animals in wild is Africa, Amazon, Australia and much more. Did you know that you can find Animals in the wild even in the USA? Not many are aware of that, but it is true that there are many Animals which are in the wild are traditional and unique to their kind.

We have compiled a list of places where you can find Animals in the wild, and you can reach those places even in conventional vehicles.

Where To See America’s Greatest Wild Animals

Grizzly Bear – Katmai National Park & Preserve, Alaska

Grizzly Bear: Bears are cute, but the wild ones are pretty dangerous. But they are an endangered species, which are now under the care of Katmai National Park & Preserve, Alaska. The 1000 pounds of Grizzle bear is very fast and can be seen in the forest in Alaska

Polar Bear: If you want to see polar bears in the USA then you may have to travel Alaska, where you can see Polar Bears.

Kodiak Bear: In the Kodiak Island, you can find the Kodiak Bear doing their natural things in the wild, and they are known for patience.

Gray Wolf

One of the popular Wolf in the world which has been seen in Twilight as well can be seen in the Forest of Wyoming. You can say that the place has the highest number of Wolves in the protected area. The place has over 7000 to 10000 wolfs in the forest.

Cougar – Western US

Cougar is also known as the mountain tigers are very popular in the Western US, you can see them in the wild.

North American Bison – Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Bison is very gentle and kind natured animals which are known for it. You can find them in groups in North Dakota.

Moose – Isle Royale National Park, Michigan.

The Moose is an endangered species which can disappear in next few years. But the team in Isle Royale Park is taking care of it, and they have promised that the species will live on.

Pacific Walrus – Alaska

Walrus is known as the mix of Saber Tooth of the water, and the size of the Walrus is identical to the seals. They are fascinating creatures with long teeth which look more like Ancient Tiger Tooth Saber.

Humpback Whale – Hawaii

Whales are absorbing creatures as a lot of things about them are unknown and not only they are not easy to spot. Only locals have seen the animals, and also they are not easy to spot.


By now you have realized that even America has many Animals which are worth to see and you can find half of them in Alaska.

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