A Greece Honeymoon is a unique idea for newlyweds and couples. Not only is Greece a combination of rich history, virgin beaches, amazing food, and posh nightlife, it boasts all of those with a distinct flavor that’s unlike any other country can offer. And so for couples who want something else other than the usual vacation trip, Greece is the place to be.

The two top reasons why tourists flock to this Mediterranean group of islands are its extraordinary history and virtually untouched beaches. Honeymoon in Greece can be such an eye-opening experience when it comes to ancient history. The country’s heritage is an interesting entanglement of facts and myths.

Romantic Sunset in Santorini


The Parthenon in Athens, for example, used to be a sacred temple where ancient Greeks actually worshipped and served the mythological goddess of wisdom, Athena. On the other hand, the town of Delphi is home to a great ancient theater built for the god Apollo and which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Both and many other historical sites now attract tourists not just because of their amazing panoramic views, but because of their great significance to the ancient world. Historical spots aside, a Greek honeymoon would not be complete without a trip to the famous Greek beaches. Because the country is a group of islands, an important thing to check out is the ferry tour.

Some couples even take it a notch higher as they cruise on a yacht. Whichever transportation is used, it’s a must to stop and enjoy the unique shores. What makes Greece’s beaches different is that they are nestled against mountainous backdrops, creating a natural magnificent view. They are especially dazzling in the afternoons, when the best thing to do is just to bask in the Grecian sunset with a loved one.


And while the white coastlines and the azure Mediterranean waters form inviting getaway spots, the mountains add a touch of mystic exclusivity, as if nature itself is accommodating the honeymoon. If history trips and one-of-a-kind beaches are the main attractions, Greece honeymoon packages sweeten the deal with even more options.

One of the most popular Greece honeymoon destinations is definitely the mountainous island of Santorini. It is known worldwide to be the site of many mountaintop houses, traditionally colored white with dashes of blue. With this wonderful mix of tradition and aesthetics, plus an amazing mountaintop view, Santorini is a sight to behold.

For a celebratory mood, visitors can head over to Mykonos or Thessaloniki for the popular nightlife attractions. And when hunger strikes the following day, a brunch of Mediterranean cuisine is the perfect filler. To fully enjoy these and more, it is highly recommended for couples to get a Greece honeymoon all-inclusive package. It takes of the anxieties in travelling across the islands and ensures comfort all throughout the stay. All that said, Greece has indeed proven to be a distinctive choice for a honeymoon. But exactly because of its uniqueness, Greece honeymoon is sure to be truly memorable.

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