Why Mauritius Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?

For a fantasy tropical vacation loaded with surprises, you can’t do better than Mauritius. Plenty of rest and relaxation in gorgeous surroundings. Just think about how envious your friends will be when you inform them you’ve made reservations.

Mauritius is an amazing piece of tropical paradise. There are so many islands whose only features are beautiful, blue seas, white sandy beaches and luxury accommodations, which may make you long for something else to do other than engaging in water sports and baking in the sun. However Mauritius has a lot more available than most tropical islands and it is usually difficult to decide on the next activity to do. Once you leave the pool and the beach, there are countless historical sites, cultural events, geographic features and activities to pique your interest. But maybe its greatest asset is the comfortable charm of its friendly people.

In spite of being a popular location for honeymooners and couples, Mauritius Vacations have a lot for families to do, plus children will have fun snorkeling near the reefs, going to see La Vanille Crocodile as well as Tortoise Park and they will certainly have an enjoyable day in the water park. Parents can take pleasure in the spas, go shopping or play golf. The primary attraction, though, is undoubtedly the gorgeous coast.

Mauritius is fortunate to have miles of lovely beaches. Bellemare is one of the longest areas on the East coast – the beautiful white sand seems to extend forever. Le Morne and Tamarin have beautiful waterfalls, and are a favorite surfing spot. The casuarina tree-lined beaches of Flic en Flac in the west and the swimming opportunities at Blue Bay in the southeast are both excellent travel spots. Don’t forget about the little Pereybere cove, a beautiful place for a swim.



As a tropical location, Mauritius’s temperatures normally hold steady, with pleasant sunny weather all year long. May through October is the best time to visit when it is usually warm and dry, since November through April the weather is too warm, humid and wet. Additionally, during January and March is when there can be an occurrence of cyclones. There are sea breezes all year long, specifically on the East coast. If you travel inland, look for cooler weather and rain.

Bring tropical clothes that are lightweight as well as heavier clothes for the evening and chillier months. Don’t forget the pac-a-macs, no matter when you travel. And don’t forget to take long pants and long-sleeved shirts for the insects that can come out at night.


You won’t want to leave the beach without partaking in some water sports; most of the hotels and beaches have several different sports that you can try. The beaches in the North, Grand Baie and La Cuvette, are great for sailing, windsurfing or water skiing.

Rise early, grab your towel and camera, and spend an entire day on the tiny island of Ile aux Cerfs, which is an excellent locale for all types of water-related activities, especially snorkeling, and is easy to get to by boat from the East coast. This beach is definitely the loveliest area in the entire Mauritius. There are a lot of restaurants available, however it is more enjoyable to go on a picnic.

For the most superb scuba diving, go to the coral near the North West coast. There’s plenty of diving to be had in Mauritius, but make sure that you’re using a professional operation that has enough experience to keep you safe and show you a good time.

Enjoy the life of luxury at one of the spas on this wonderful island. Treat yourself to a facial, massage, or sauna. Get rid of all of your worries as you relax and enjoy. Go ahead; you realize you deserve this!

Got married… Mauritius is so unique that people not only pick it for their honeymoon trip, but it is a favorite location for the actual wedding also. Say “I do” on the shore, among garden flowers, even on a catamaran sailing in the sea.

If you like golf, then you might discover golfing paradise on Mauritius. There are a variety of courses to pick from, each one with a beautiful Indian Ocean view.

Families are well taken care of at a lot of the hotels which have kids clubs. There are safe beaches with shallow waters that are ideal for children, specifically on the West coast where it is quieter. Make a sand castle, cover up Dad in the sand, enhance their swimming ability or give them snorkeling lessons. In addition, La Vanille Crocodile Park is located in the South; for even more thrills, there is a large Waterpark Leisure Village in the East not far from Belle Mare.


More tax free stores are popping up everywhere in the shopping malls throughout the island, however the main markets are the Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis (and discounts at the busy market close by) as well as the Sunset Boulevard in Grand Bale. Some things to look for are Green Island Rum, cashmere, designer clothes, Indian textiles, vivid baskets and model ships as gifts. Jewelry and sarongs are hawked by salesmen on the beaches.

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