Why You Should Travel To Africa Already?

When you think of big, faraway, immense journeys, travel to Africa probably pops right into your mind. If you have a bucket list, chances are Africa is on it somewhere- likely not far from the top. Often people wait years to make a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip- only to return again and again both to repeat an amazing experience and discover even more wonders in Africa.


Africa is big, life-changing, and has more to offer than many people are aware. The number one attraction is surely the animals. Where else do you get to be ‘on safari’ on the expansive plains or lush wetlands, mere inches from elephants, crocodiles, and giraffes?

There is no shortage of ‘up close and personal’ experiences with wildlife waiting for you. Kenya and Tanzania offer the annual migration with millions of animals on a moving circuit; both thundering wildebeests and the lions and other predators who follow the herds. Botswana’s Chobe National Park has a population of over 50,000 elephants while the Okavango Delta or the sand dunes of Namibia can feel like the most still and remote place on the planet.

There’s also the world’s largest curtain of water at Victoria Falls, world-class Wine Lands and adventure sports in South Africa, and much more. As a travel destination, Africa is suitable for travelers of all ages and activity levels. It’s like a whole other world out there! And while it does take a bit of a flight to get there, there are frequent airfare specials and world class airlines that make the journey comfortable.


Once you arrive, you will find a high standard of hospitality and affordable prices. Accommodations are pleasant, with unique safari options like tented cabins available in many places. South Africa’s Garden Route coastline and Kruger National Park are easily explored by rental car. Or, hire your very own driver/guide to take you on your own custom itinerary.

Because Africa is big, one of the first steps in your trip planning is deciding how much time you have and thus how much you can fit in. You may need to focus on one geographic region. There’s almost certain to be more to do than you realize! You don’t want to rush through the experience, so pick a few ‘top’ interests and focus on really doing those well.

Another factor is budget. Africa can be done on many budgets, especially if you are flexible and can work with the seasons to save on costs. It’s also a better deal to travel with friends as to split transportation and guide expenses. Africa boasts many fine family-run guest houses that are more affordable than named hotels.

Travel to Africa begins with a dream. You mull it around your head for a while. You do other things first. Life gets busy, but still you dream. Then it becomes more real; this is something you truly want to make happen! You research, you dream a little bit more. You start to know what you want and one day you set a date and the time is here to travel to Africa!

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